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The Global Vision Seminar on
Data Based Global Modeling
is available for public presenation
by Drs. Williamson and Cowan.
An outline of this seminar is available
at seminar information page.

In every sphere of public and private policy making and planning, there is an urgent need for much greater than present capacity to anticipate consequences of various policy alternatives, so as to choose the most effective ones.

Our concern is – must be – with the future consequences concerning all of ...

  • Strategic planning for private investment and business management choices
  • Use of military forces in foreign interventions
  • Public health measures versus dangerous contagious diseases
  • Weapons proliferation, arms control, and other international security issues
  • Steps to achieve sustainable development of economic growth and well-being
  • Steps to deal with national and international economic instabilities
  • International migration and immigration policies
  • Roles of public and private enterprises in society
  • Civil wars, international wars and other political unrest throughout the world
  • Public health effects of global mobility, environment changes, and other global changes
  • Expected impacts from weather and climate change

… and many more.

The goal of Global Vision, Inc. is to address this need by developing a set of forecasting tools with the following traits:

  • scientifically valid
  • computerized
  • integrated treatment of global human society and the natural environment;

and by teaching others...

  • private persons
  • businesses
  • governments
  • other groups

...using such tools, to plan and act based on the CONNECTIONS AMONG ...

  • technology
  • politics
  • economics
  • violent conflict
  • epidemics
  • climate

...and other trends, hazards, and factors in human society and our natural environment.

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